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You have to remember

your steps do not echo
on deaf ears

and in stillness,
silences meld with

Full heart, it cannot close
and in your eyes
swirl most delicate
flecks of

You have to know that
those you

are those that
that I know in you

every grain

even though
lies beneath wrapped yarn

and when
floods through light

Take your path
for on it is nothing but
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: 'Dusk' by Steven Bryant
So.. into week 3 of sophomore year already... and it feels like at least a couple months have gone by haha. The first week of classes, I was more of a September kind of tired instead of a 'just got done with week 1' kind of exhausted... it was weird!

Classes so far are good.. only in two ensembles this year and they're both the top ones which means this baldy can keep her talent grant!! They're both the ensembles I wanted to make as well :) happy Jami.

However the amount of bull that's already happened this year is a little ridiculous! Drama already beginning, let alone the bureaucracy here was WAAAYYYY behind at the beginning of the year and I was dropped from a couple courses for no reason. It's week three and I'm still getting that sorted out. Otherwise, it's been already but oh my god the amount of stupid the first week and a half.. my tiny bald head was about to burst into flaming confetti. BLEGH.

But I don't want to focus on all that. A lot of it got cleared up, anyways. Still need to tie up a major loose end but I can take care of that.

I've. Been. So. DRAINED. We even had a day off and I've just been so exhausted. Not to mention had a pretty intense breakdown last night but part of it was because I needed to be sleeping at the time haha.

I'm in tech classes galore this semester. Let alone the second major is kicking in. But it's WONDERFUL. My current composition assignment is to listen to the Debussy Preludes, along with studying haikus to write a duet for flute and vibraphone based on the overall mood. I'M. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!!!! :boogie: :faint:

I'm taking Electronic Music Tech though and since I can't haul all the equipment back to my dorm (that'd be a bit much), I have designated studio time for that, I'm taking string tech and high brass tech (covers trumpet and horn), I'm in the composition studio, OH and I'm in percussion studio. So, techincally three different studios, on top of lessons, ensembles, other classes... not to mention the organizations I'm in as well.. the shite hath hit the fan...

Mu Phi is absolutely wonderful so far. I feel like we've got a good year ahead of us. And all the other crap... it'll iron out. Just gotta keep moving toward sunlight and I feel like things won't be as hard as they could.

Meanwhile, time for me to collapse. Hopefully, I'll have some more poetry posted up here soon! Been feeling very moved lately, but haven't had the energy to having some versus appear.. hopefully I can fix that!


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Jami Hockensmith
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I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe music.

In my spare time, I do find running to be quite the catharsis.

Oh, and I happen to have a soft spot for photography. :)

Favourite genre of music: classical, jazz, rock, alternative
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: "The greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the music the words m

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